A Review For The Epila SI-808 Laser Hair Removal Device

The Epila IS-808 laser hand-held appliance is one of several models manufactured by BNB Medical Ltd in South Korea for home use permanent hair removal.

This appliance was not awarded ISO approval in the US since the ISO warned  BNB Medical that this device did not meet the strict marketing US standards. And the ISO was not consulted before this product was marketed within the country to ensure safety standards were met. As a result the Epila SI-808 currently cannot be marketed within the US as it fails to meet the ISO standards required. However, it can be purchased on the official sites outside of the US or on Amazon which is sold by third party resellers, who offer no guarantees. However, this does not mean it is not safe to use since it was awarded the European CE certificate

 ISO WARNING LETTER TO  to BNB Medical Ltd about its Epila and Venus Laser 808 products >>

This Epila Laser device works in the same way as other hand-held home laser and IPL/HPL hair removal devices by emitting pulses of light. These pulse of light energy is absorbed by the hair which then heats the follicle and eventually inactivates and destroys them with constant use. The main difference between this device and the other home laser/HPL/IPL products is that the Epila IS-808 can only treat one hair at a time while other appliances such as the TRIA Laser, Silk’n Epil and the Verseo Home Electrolysis Roller  can treat an area of skin which contains many hair for each light pulse or (electrical pulse as in the Verseo roller); making these treatments very much faster than Epila.

Benefits And Features of The Epila Laser IS-808

  • This device is corded which means rechargeable batteries are not required. However, it can’t be used for more than half and hour at a time before leaving to cool down for 5-10 minutes.
  • It has a safety key that needs to be unlocked before use.
  • It’s price is around $200, which is a little cheaper than the other Laser/IPL/HPL products
  • Adjustable timer and power controller for the laser.


  • It treats only one hair for each light impulse, so the treatment time as slow.
  • The Epila Laser device also doesn’t have a skin sensor which detects if the skin is too dark which could lead to skin damage, hyper-pigmentation or burns. Other reputable laser and IPL hair removal devices such as TRIA Laser and the Silk’n Epil have this safety skin tone safety sensor built-in.
  • The other laser/IPL/HPL products mentioned are more effective than this with much faster treatment times.
  • Cannot be used on near the eyes, on the nipples or the genital and perineal regions.
  • The genuine Epila is covered by a 60-day guarantee (which is only offered when you buy it from their official site). Aut it has been reported that there are so many fake models of the Epila available online which are not guaranteed at all.

Not To Be Used on Dark Skin Or Light Pigmented Hair

Like all Laser, IPL and HPL light pulse hair removal devices, they cannot be used on dark toned skin since the skin will get too hot and there is a possibility of skin damage. That is why it is risky to used the Venus or Epila devices since they do not have built sensors that scan the skin tone before use to detect if it is safe to use or not.

Laser, IPL and HPL cannot be used on these skin tones (Note: these tones are just a rough guide – consult appliance manual for precise guide)

Also Laser, IPL and HPL appliances do not work on light colored or gray hair since light pigmented hair cannot absorb enough energy/heat to destroy in the hair follicle.

Another important point we have noted with the Epila Laser SI-808 appliance, including its sister models (Xemos W-808 and Venus CW-808) by BNB Medical Ltd., is that in general they have received bad consumer reviews: A sample of these consumer reviews can be seen on Amazons’s site at the link below.

Epila SI-808 Laser Reviews on Amazon.com >>


***If you have dark skin or light colored hairs or you need to remove facial hairs, then it is strongly recommended to use the Verseo permanent hair removal solution that can be used safely for all skin types and all skin tones in the comfort of your own home.


The Verseo eGlide electrolysis home appliance for permanent hair removal is suitable for all skin tones including all shades of dark skin without hyperpigmentation risk risks or skin damage such as burns. This unique product uses the latest galvanic electrolysis technology which permanently removes all hair shades including grey and blonde colored hair.


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