DermaRoller Treatment Reduces Scars Painlessly, Naturally And Effectively

A Remarkable Treatment That Takes Just 15 Minutes a Month To Reduce and Fade Your Acne Scars

The DermaRoller is Unmatched at Reducing Acne Scars And Wrinkles … It’s Easy-to-Use, Painless … And It ONLY Takes 15 Minutes a Month To Apply From The Comfort of Your Home

Watch your scars fade away by using this safe, painless and natural treatment for just 10 to 15 minutes once every 4 weeks on the scarred areas. There is no downtime, you can continue your normal routines and activities straight after. And what’s more, the only thing your friends and family will be noticing is that your complexion is becoming remarkably smoother and will be wondering how you’re doing it… just like Vicky’s must have in the documentary below.

See How Effectively The Derma Roller Reduces Acne Scars in This TV Documentary

This Ch4 TV documentary from the UK shows how Vicky undergoes both a laser treatment for her acne and a DermaRoller treatment to reduce and remove her acne scars.

The results are remarkable … in just 3 months her skin became beautifully smooth.

Why The DermaRoller is The #1 Choice To Reduce And Fade Acne Scars And Other Forms of Scarring
Unlike other scar reducing treatments such as Chemical Peels and Laser that painfully strip or burn away the top skin layer, the home use DermaRoller simply and painlessly stimulates collagen and elastin production and cell regeneration in the lower dermal layer. This increased cell regeneration, collagen and elastin rejuvenates the epidermal layer (the top visible skin layer) by pushing out the acne scars and other forms of scarring from below … the result is a smoother complexion that matches the results of those extortionately priced clinic and hospital treatments.
Dr Mohan Explains in The Video Below Why The DermaRoller Should Be Your Preferred Choice To Reduce And Fade Your Scars

Benefits of Using Scientia Derma Roller

It’s a painless treatment – a prickling sensation is just felt when using the Derma Roller.
It can be used on ALL skin tones – no risk of causing hyper-pigmentation (patchy colored skin) as with other treatments.
It gives great results in just a few months – matching those of expensive clinic treatments.
It comes with a 6-Month Results Based Money Back Guarantee.
What People are Saying About the Derma Roller Scar Treatment
Beauticians,  journalists, medical professionals and users alike have been really impressed by the results the derma roller gives for both reducing scars and wrinkles. And here are what a few of them have to say.

Dr Martin SchwarzPhysician / Dermatologist Freiburg, Germany

In an interview with Dr Schwarz he said,… "I stopped using laser to treat scars because the results from the DermaRoller were the same…" To see the rest of this interview watch the video here >>Interview With Dr Martin Schwarz, in Freiburg

Peter FrankLighting Tech – Stockholm, Sweden

I never really suffered badly from acne, but I made the mistake of picking at the acne on my cheeks which then got infected and resulted in noticeable scars. I then came across the dermaroller and was really surprised to see my scars diminish after using it for around 5 months. To say I’m happy is an understatement!

Amanda PlatelJournalist – Dailymail Newspaper UK

So, do I look like Angelina Jolie? Well, I already had the fat lips, but now my skin looks so much fresher and younger, more line free and tighter without looking taught…………..

Alison DaviesJournalist – Daily Mail Newspaper UK

"I was then forced to acknowledge that, yes, my skin was looking much improved. A bit fresher, a bit livelier, maybe even a bit tighter. It had to be the Dermaroller. Now, I’ve been obliged to eat my words and admit I’m impressed enough to book another treatment. But this time I’ll clear my diary for a couple of days afterwards………
The Medical Science Behind The DermaRoller and How it Will Work To Fade Your Scars

The Scientia Derma Roller contains 192 micro needles made from surgical steel, which is rolled along the skin, and these tiny needles penetrate into the lower dermis layer (it sounds painful – but it isn’t). This causes the skin to automatically repair itself by starting cell regeneration and stimulating collagen and elastin production, which are both responsible for the skin’s pliability, firmness and smoothness.

After several treatments over a few months the collagen and elastin levels will have increased enough to start pushing out the scars from underneath (see the diagram on the left side).

What Results Can You Expect From Using The DermaRoller … And How Long Will it Take
Usually you will see signs of your scarring beginning to diminish a few weeks after your first dermaroller treatment. But it can take several treatments over a period of a few months before you begin to really notice the great results. And for the final desired results, especially for deep scarring, it can take up to a year, which would be 8-12 treatments, depending on the severity of scarring and the dermaroller needle length used. To give you an idea of what results you can expect, see the before and after photos below.
Before and After – Deep Acne Scars

To reach this remarkable result in reducing this very deep acne scarring, a 1.5 mm needle length DermaRoller was used over a year with 12 x 15 minute monthly treatments.
Before and After – Acne Ice Pick Scars

The Dermaroller is very effective at reducing ice pick scars caused by acne. Great results can be achieved in just a few months using a 1.0 mm – 1.5 mm needle length dermaroller.
Before and After – Facial Acne Scars

The Dermaroller is SAFE to use on ALL skin tones. With other scar treatments such as Laser, or Chemical peels there is a risk of these causing patchy skin coloration on dark toned skin, which is otherwise known as hyper-pigmentation.
Before and After – Wrinkles

Not only is the Dermaroller excellent at reducing scars, it also reduces and removes wrinkles too, and brings you back that youthful look. In recent years the Dermaroller has become the rage of Hollywood, replacing surgical facelifts.

The DermaRoller  is Very Easy And Safe To Use … Just Take a Look at The Demonstration Video Below
If you’re concerned about using this ominous looking little device, don’t be – its perfectly SAFE and SIMPLE to use. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions that accompany it. And to see just how simple it is to apply this treatment, we have a video demonstration below.

DermaRoller Video Demonstration

To play video click on the white arrow in the center

Dermaroller Treatment Needle Length Guide

These Are The Reasons That Make The Scientia Dermaroller The Best Choice When Compared To The Other Somewhat Expensive And Painful Acne Scar Reducing Treatments

The Scientia DermaRoller

It painless, just a prickling sensation is felt. It causes a mild redness which disappears after 24 hours.
Can be used on ALL skin tones without risk of causing hyper-pigmentation (patchy toned skin).
The Scientia DermaRoller treatment costs only around $80.
The Scientia DermaRoller comes with a 6-Month Results Based Money Back Guarantee.
The DermaRoller treatment only takes 15 minutes per month from the comfort of home.

Laser / Derma Abrasion / Chemical Peel

Severe pain and soreness afterwards – requiring up to 21 days off work/school to allow the skin to heal.
There is a risk that these invasive treatments can cause hyper-pigmentation on dark toned skin.
These highly-expensive clinic or hospital treatments can cost up to $5,000.
These treatments come with NO Money Back Guarantee.
You have to got to a clinic or hospital to get these treatments that take an hour or more to over several months.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which Dermaroller brand do I use?

We personally recommend the Scientia DermaRoller because it is CE marked and ISO approved, which means it has been made to the highest quality standard. And the Scientia DermaRoller, which you can get from out site, contains surgical steel grade needles.

Also the Scientia DermaRoller is the only DermaRoller available that comes with a a 6-Month Results Based Money Back Guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the results within 6 months, you can get your money back.

Do I choose a Dermaroller with 192 needles or 540 needles?

Only choose a Dermaroller with 192 needles as the results have been clinically proven with this. The online market is currently flooded with 540 needle dermarollers with unproven claims that these give better and faster results. This is just marketing hype with no clinical results to back it up.

Medical professionals have stated that the 540 needle Dermarollers might not work properly because their needles are too close together so they can’t penetrate the skin sufficiently.

How often do I use the Dermaroller?

For needle lengths of 0.5 mm – 1.5 mm you must apply the treatment every 4 weeks, because time is needed for the body to produce collagen and elastin in the treated area. And also time is needed for the cell generation to complete its cycle. If you do it sooner than 4 weeks you will interrupt this process and you may not get the desired results.

Does the Dermaroller treatment hurt?

No it doesn’t really, but some users find the prickling sensation uncomfortable. If you find this prickling sensation uncomfortable, you can use a skin numbing cream first, which is available at every chemist and pharmacy.

Which Dermaroller needle lengths do I use?

You can refer to the table above on this site. We actually don’t recommend you use needle lengths from 2.0 mm upwards as these penetrate very deeply and these should be applies by a trained professional.

In general, we recommend needle lengths of 0.5 mm-1.0 mm for mild scarring and wrinkles. And for deeper acne scars and other scars we recommend a 1.5 mm needle length Dermaroller.

Why is my skin flaking off after a week or so?

This is actually a good sign – it means the cell regeneration process has started and the old skin cells are exfoliating as the new skin cells come to the surface. You simply apply a moisturizer daily to your skin. This exfoliating will only last a few days after the treatment.

Do I use a moisturizer after the treatment?

Yes this very important to get the best results. Because directly after the dermaroller treatment the moisturizer can reach the lower skin layer through the channels made by the needle, this makes the moisturizer many times more effective than usual. We recommend a moisturizer that has Vitamin C or E, or preferably both.

To maximize the results we also recommend you use Retin-A 0.025% strength cream (usually obtained by prescription at a pharmacy) in between dermaroller treatments. Wait one week after the dermaroller treatment before using it, and then use it 2 to 3 times a week up to your next dermaroller treatment (around 4 weeks later). And then repeat this regime for each monthly dermaroller treatment.


Why is my skin flaking off after a week or so?

This is actually a good sign, it means the cell regeneration process has started and the old skin cells are exfoliating away while new skin cells are coming to the surface. Just make sure you use a moisturizer daily to the areas you treated. This exfoliating process will only last a few days.

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Scientia DermaRoller is so confident that you will absolutely love this scar reducing device that Scientia is offering a full 6-Month Results-Based Money-Back Guarantee … if you’re not happy with the results within 6 months – you get your money back!


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