A Review For The Venus CW-808 laser Hair Removal Device

The Venus CW-808 laser device is a relatively new product to the market for the permanent removal of hair. It is manufactured in South Korea by BNB Medical Ltd and has just received it CE mark by the European union. However, it failed to get ISO approval in USA since the ISO warned BNB Medical that this product did not meet the strict advertising standards in the US. This means the Venus CW-808 cannot currently be legally marketed within the USA as it doesn’t meet the standards required. But, this does not mean the product is unsafe to use since it was accredited with the quality European CE mark.

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This product works in the same way as all home laser hair removal appliances by emitting a flash of light that heats and eventually destroys the hair follicle with a continued use. The main difference between this product and other home lasers is that the manufacture of the Venus CW-808 states that each hair must be treated at a time, while other products such as the Tria Laser and the Silk’n SensEpil can treat a larger area of hairs for each light impulse; making these treatment many times faster than the Venus CW-808. However, all IPL and Laser Hair Removal treatments have limitations as they cannot remove light colored hairs such as Blonde, Grey, etc. and IPL and Laser cannot be used on dark colored skin as they will cause burns. But there is a device at the bottom of this pages that effectively can be used to permanently remove all hair types and colors and can be used on all skin tones and shades safely without risk of skin damage.

Venus CW-808 Features and Benefits

  • It is a corded device which means it does not require rechargeable batteries. However, it cannot be used for more than 30 minutes at a time before leaving it to cool down for 5-10 minutes since it gets too hot.
  • It has a safety key which must be unlocked before it can be used.
  • It costs between $100-200, which is a little cheaper than some other home laser hair removal appliances.


  • Since it treats just one or a few hairs at a time, the treatment time is very long.
  • It does not have a safety skin scanning device, which will prevent the laser from working if you have the wrong skin shade which could cause skin damage or burns.
  • It is not as effective as the other laser products mentioned above.
  • It does not remove light colored hairs such as blonde of grey, etc.

Laser or IPL hair removal appliances cannot be used on dark skin tones because of the risk of burning the skin.

Negative Consumer Reviews

There have been a large percentage of consumer reviews that in general were not positive about the various Venus home laser for permanent hair removal product and other models sold by BNB Medical such as which are the Epila SI-808 and the Xemos W-808; with many claiming that they found it difficult to get a refund after discovering the results were not as expected for the main reason they bought from unofficial sites that do not offer a guarantee. For a sample of these consumer reviews for Venus’s sister model the SI-808, please visit amazon.com at the link below.

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***If you have dark skin or light colored hairs or you need to remove facial hairs, then it is strongly recommended to use the Verseo permanent hair removal solution that can be used safely for all skin types and all skin tones in the comfort of your own home.


The Verseo eGlide electrolysis home appliance for permanent hair removal is suitable for all skin tones including all shades of dark skin without hyperpigmentation risk risks or skin damage such as burns. This unique product uses the latest galvanic electrolysis technology which permanently removes all hair shades including grey and blonde colored hair.


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