Verseo Velform Chin Wrap For Double Chin Removal

“Remarkable Results In Just 4 Weeks With

This Double Chin Removal Method”


A $30 Home Double Chin Removal Treatment For Men & Women

Losing your double chin is a lot easier and quicker than you think, and what’s more it can be done simply from the comfort of your own home. It is often wrongly perceived that the only way to get rid of a double chin is by expensive surgery, laser treatment or lipo-suction, which can cost anywhere between $3,000-8,000. However, there is a simple and effective alternative way to lose your double chin which gives noticeable results in just weeks and it costs only $30.

This simple quick method uses a combination of easy-to-do daily neck exercises and the acclaimed Velform Chin Wrap, which can be used by both men and women. You will start to see results after the first week as your double chin begins to reduce rapidly. And then after about one month you will be amazed to see that your double chin has either completely gone or is barely visible.

Why We Get A Double Chin

There are two main reasons; one as you probably know is being over-weight and the other is caused by aging. Many people often become worried when they start to notice their sagging neckline from their side-profile in the mirror, as the double chin forms. However, the double chin is just a natural result of the aging process where the skin and muscles under the chin and neck become less firm and start to sag. This can be reversed by using the simple method that will follow after this. If you are over-weight then of course you will need to reduce your weight at the same time as following this simple method for removing your double chin.

The Result of Using This Home Method

*This home method was also combined with a diet in this case


The Velform Chin Wrap Is For Both Men & Women

The Velform Chin Wrap is an effective product that helps to get rid of your double chin. However, in order to get the fastest noticeable results in the shortest possible time, it is best to combine this treatment with the chin and neck exercises demonstrated in the videos after we tell you about this remarkable product.

The Velform Chin Wrap re-contours the chin and the neckline directly under the chin by making the skin firm and taught and effectively eliminates the sagging skin that is responsible for the double chin.


How The Chin Wrap Works

How this works is by using a skin firming and re-contouring gel that is applied under the chin and neck. And then the adjustable Velform Chin Wrap which is an elastic strap with fasteners and fits chin and neck size, is simply placed over the applied gel. This chin wrap lifts the chin and holds the sagging chin and neckline in position while the firming gel tightens and re-sculptures your chin to the desired look.

Underneath the chin wrap the contouring gel immediately goes to work as it is absorbed by your loose epidermis cells, which causes these cells to shrink and become firmer and tightens the sagging skin. The Velform Chin Wrap also provides a micro-massage which reduces the fat and helps the contouring gel to penetrate the skin.


Great Results After 4 Weeks For Just 30 Minutes A Day

The Velform Chin Wrap only needs to be a applied for 30 minutes a day: 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. You will start to notice the first results after just one week and then after one month a large difference as your double chin and sagging skin has been significantly reduced

What’s Included In The Velform Chin Wrap Kit

• 1 Velform Facial Mask

• 50mg/1.75fl.oz. Bottle Velform Lipo-Reducing Cream

• Instructions for use


Chin And Neck Exercises That Maximize Double Chin Removal Results

If you combine the following chin and neck exercises for removing the double chin together with the Velform Chin Wrap, you will get the fastest and most effective results within the shortest time. And within just a few weeks you will see the dramatic results of starting to lose that double chin

Video Demonstrating Double Chin And Neckline Shaping Exercises

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description=”Double Chin removal video exercise demonstration”
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Benefits of Using The Velform Chin Wrap

  • It only needs to be a applied for just minutes each day.
  • It quickens the removal of the double chin.
  • It enhances the results of neck exercises.
  • It can be applied in the comfort of your own home.
  • You do your normal tasks while wearing the Velform chin wrap
  • The Lip-reducing cream leave the skin smooth and firm.
  • The treatment only costs $30 a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery.
  • And last but not least you will looker younger, fitter and healthier.


Get The Velform Chin Wrap Now And Begin To Lose Your Double Chin

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